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Friday, March 25, 2005

Jacket with pockets pinned on

OK, so they aren't pinned on straight... but I think you can tell where I'm headed. I'm hoping to glean some ideas from Joyce Murphy's article in the current Threads when I make the belt.

We had a Seder meal at church last night, which worried me all night long. Generally some of my best design inspirations come after eating unusual foods. This time all I got was indigestion! <gg>

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spent a good bit of time last night out searching for something to blend with the SWAP jacket for my final pair of SWAP pants. My brown linen is not the same shade of brown that the fabric stores are carrying this season. I settled on taupe, finally, and I think it will work. (At this point I just want to be done!)

Fortunately the shopping did not extend far enough into the dinner hour to disrupt my evening's sewing. It was a good thing, too, because the SWAP ends two weeks from today and I keep making careless mistakes.

Like on the cargo-style patch pockets planned for the front of my jacket. The pockets will extend into a belt carrier at the waist. I drafted them at lunch yesterday and got them cut and ready to sew.

I sewed them to the lining and turned, pressed and edge stitched. Beautiful!

Until I started to pin them to the jacket.

Yep. Two right pockets.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My SWAP jacket is coming along. The draft was simple, but I've learned some things about PMB. I chose casual draft, Nehru collar, side darts.

Casual draft is *not* what I really wanted for this jacket. It adds fabric on top of the shoulders, which sags downward in a most unattractive fashion. I put in some shoulder pads to fill up that space.

The Nehru collar is one that I had never used before. I couldn't see the difference between it, Mandarin, and band, so I had always used Mandarin. When I constructed the Nehru, I thought "Hmm. This looks a little short." When I attached it to the neck edge, it *was* short.

So here, for those of you who like me resort to reading the help only after a failure, is the difference between the three similar collars: Nehru stops 1 inch short of the center front. Mandarin meets at center front. Band overlaps at center front.

Got that?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Gracie should end up looking something like this:

Gradie vision

except that the handles may have off-white vinyl on them somehow. I think it would make a nice stiffener for handles if I can sew it on the underside. I can't think too far ahead, though, because Lazy Girl Designs have special ways to do things and any idea of mine may not fit in.

The good thing about this bag is that the colors match my SWAP garments and my "Favorite" pants nicely. Once I get the SWAP proper done, I'll start on it.

Monday, March 21, 2005

"My Favorite Pants" are done, and I actually kind of like them! Have a look in the gallery for a photograph.

Another item on my short list--perhaps I should call it my "distractions" list--is a new spring bag. At a quilt show recently, I fell in love with the Gracie from Lazy Girl Designs. I really like the shape of it, and it has a bounty of pockets inside. I'm not clear about the way that the lining is done, but I know that the designer at Lazy Girl does a wonderful job. (You do have to follow the directions, though, don't just barrel along doing what you *think* it says. Ask me how I know!)

So last weekend I came away from JoAnn's with 2 cottons and 2 burlaps, along with a remnant of off-white vinyl in case I can think of a way to use it. Handles or purse accessories, perhaps. (You know--the required matching change purse and orthodontic kit, not to mention the card case and cell-phone holder! )

Fabrics for the Gracie bag

The burlaps were a bit troubling. I could not find a reference for pretreating it. Does it shrink? Is it colorfast? I almost decided to cut it without pretreating and toss the bag when it got to the point of needing to be cleaned.

Thankfully my memory served me by reminding me of a sure-fire way to avoid a fabric disaster--test first! Conventional sewing wisdom says to wash a sample. Ahh! So I cut a sample about 6 inches square and serged its edges.

Sample of burlap for wash test Square after washing

To my delight, it shrank hardly at all. It did wrinkle considerably, and the hand is somewhat softer. And, contrary to the way the pictures above look, the color faded very little:

Color test results

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